State-of-the-art security

ISAE 3000

YouProvide is ISAE 3000-certified. ISAE staat voor International Standard on Assurance Engagements. Deze certificering, die onafhankelijk getoetst wordt door accountants, biedt u als klant de zekerheid dat er structureel en vakkundig omgegaan wordt met alle processen en gegevens.

Hierbij wordt specifiek aandacht besteed aan de web trust principles ofwel de inrichting op het gebied van veiligheid, integriteit, vertrouwelijkheid, beschikbaarheid en/of privacygevoeligheid van data en informatie. De ISAE 3000 is hierin een internationale standaard.

Secure by design

YouProvide has been built securely from scratch. The security of the solution is guaranteed by the application of several techniques. YouProvide is housed in European data centers and ensures that your data stays there. Maximum security and very high uptime guarantees.

Data storage

  • All your files are stored in ISO-certified data centers in Europe, which comply with the rules of quality and information security management.
  • Your files are only stored for the duration of a subscription. After completing a list, the data is permanently deleted.
  • The files are stored on a separate file server. Access to this file server is limited to what is necessary for the proper functioning of the application. The information about the lists and links is stored in a separate database.
  • In our database, the integrity of the data is guaranteed by using integrity and foreign key constraints. This enforces, among other things, that a user only sees the data for which he is authorized.

Data upload

Only files with a file extension that is on our "whitelist" will be accepted. All files that are uploaded are also scanned by our virus scanners.

Access for clients and the accountant

Access from the internet is via Multifactor Authentication, via a secure portal.

The password with which a user logs in to YouProvide is always saved hashed and salted using bcrypt.

In addition, all data within the own environment is protected with a unique key.

Accon avm is enthusiastic about YouProvide. The tool is user-friendly for our employees and offers our customers a safe way to deliver their pieces. ''

Richard van der Ree RA, Director of Audit Practice - Accon AVM

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