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Data protection, fast and secure

What is YouProvide?

More and more organizations are aware of the importance of data protection. In particular organizations that process personal data of third parties, such as accountancy firms. Sending this sensitive information should not be done via email, WeTransfer or Dropbox. The need for an application that can securely send privacy-sensitive files is growing. YouProvide offers the solution.

YouProvide makes it possible for the accountant to request documents for both compilation and audit assignments from his client in a standardized and secure manner. This ensures efficiency of the delivery process and optimization of the cooperation with the customer.

YouProvide offers us the opportunity to quickly and securely exchange documents with our relations. It is efficient because the status of deliveries can be properly monitored ''

Peter Heijkamp, auditor at Alfa Registeraccountants

With YouProvide, the accountant can exchange files with clients quickly and securely in a structured manner (in the right order) and at the right time. The accountant can request files on the basis of a standard or a customer-specific questionnaire. These are collected in the correct order and stored according to the GDPR regulations.

Delivery and monitoring
Requesting files from YouProvide is done by questionnaires, also known as a Provided by Client (PBC) list. These questionnaires can be based on standardized templates, on the control assignment of the previous season or very specific to the relevant assignment. This could include a deed with the client's signature, the permanent documents or the annual accounts documents.

When the PBC list has been sent to the customer, he will be notified by e-mail. The customer opens the questionnaire from this notification. If required by the accountant, the customer must log in. He then drags the documents to the secure environment and sends the request to the accountant.

In the reporting module of YouProvide you can see whether all files have been delivered. The accountant can add comments, return files and request missing documents at the touch of a button. In this way, the accountant and his colleagues always have access to the latest files and the associated communication.

Application and work program independent

It does not matter which work program you use to use YouProvide. YouProvide works independently of, for example, Visionplanner, Audition or CaseWare. As a result, YouProvide can be used for both consultancy, composition and audit assignments. Without all kinds of integrations and links with file software, we can increase ease of use and guarantee efficient communication between accountant and client. The application checks the progress, completeness, correctness and timeliness of the submitted documents

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