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During an assignment, a lot of communication takes place between client and accountant. Documents are requested, assessed and exchanged again. YouProvide structures this process:

- Prepare standardized or customized questionnaires
- Bundled sending and monitoring delivery
- Post comments and send sample files
- Approve, save and archive

YouProvide offers a large amount of functionalities to communicate safely and efficiently with the customer:




Create customer groups

Add multiple customer entities

Standardized template PBC lists (Compilation Of Financial Statements, Interim Audit and Year-End Audit )

Create custom PBC lists

Copy PBC lists for new assignment

Import PBC lists

View sample files

Monitor deliveries by means of statuses

Post comments by accountant and customer

Logging of all changes within a list

Lijst delen met collega’s

Adjustable e-mail notifications for changes

Export of questionnaires, submissions and comments

Download documents while retaining the folder structure in accordance with the structure of the list

Workflow for follow-up and monitoring deadlines

Dashboard with indicators and real-time monitoring

Integration with the electronic file

Upon request

Upon request

Categorieën of individuele stukken binnen een PBC lijst vertrouwelijk toewijzen aan gebruikers

Verwacht Q1 2022

Thanks to YouProvide, we improve the service to our customers and the efficiency in the control process. We offer a structured way to deliver documents. In addition, we can monitor progress and meet the highest security and privacy standards ''

Drs. Wilbert Snoei RA, Director Audit and International Business at Visser en Visser

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